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Tooth loss is not just a physical problem but a psychological one too. It effects the way we eat, speak and socialize. Missing teeth, loose and/or painful teeth, loose dentures, unnatural looking crown and bridgework and the inability to taste food fully due to large amounts of plastic or metal covering our palates, all join together to create psychological and functional problems that make us look and feel older than we actually are and affects our ability to enjoy life to the full.

Whether you are young or old, just missing one tooth or have no teeth at all, dental implants could make a very dramatic difference to the way that your mouth feels, looks and functions. Treatment with dental implants could give a tremendous boost to your comfort and




Can implants improve my appearance ?
Implant supported replacement teeth, look feel and...

How do implants stay in place ?
Bone biologically bonds to the titanium implant.

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The Association of Dental Implantology

The Association of Dental Implantology

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